Proudly She Served – Canadian Women at War: 1885-1945!

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Glenn Wright presents “Proudly She Served – Canadian Women at War – 1885-1945”.  Between 1914 and 1919, more than 3200 nurses served with the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) at home and overseas. During the Second World War, about 50,000 women volunteered, as the role of women expanded significantly when the Canadian Army, the Royal Canadian Air Force and the Royal Canadian Navy created women’s divisions. The CEF and the Second World War service files in the custody of LAC are an important source of information for family historians, genealogists, women’s history, and all those interested in Canada’s military heritage. With these and other sources, we can more fully document and appreciate the role of Canadian women in uniform.

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A Short History of the 39 Telephone Systems in Oxford County!

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Please join us for our the virtual meeting of the Oxford Branch of Ontario Ancestors to be held on Monday, October 9th at 7pm on Zoom.

Keith Stevens, former Chairman of Execulink Telecom Inc. will present “A short history of some of the 39 telephone systems established in Oxford County in the 1st half of the Twentieth Century’.

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Oxford Branch of Ontario Ancestors May 8th Meeting: The Hawke Papers!

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“Please join the Oxford Branch of Ontario Ancestors for a Zoom meeting on Monday, May 8th at 7 pm for the presentation: The Hawke Papers and Anthony Hawke, Chief Emigrant Agent 1833-1864

Speaker Wendy Cameron will begin an introduction to the Hawke Papers with their 21st century return to Ontario, a wonderful tale of archival good fortune. A highlight is six large volumes of letters chronicling government aid to immigrants in every year from 1835 into 1869. Other treasures include ten volumes of registers (lists) kept at Toronto. They record immigrants as they arrived in the city and left for a next destination in Canada West/Ontario, and they date between 1857 and 1892.

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Oxford Branch Ontario Ancestors April’s Zoom Presentation – Barn Raising, Threshing & Quilting Bees!

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Barn Raising, Threshing and Quilting Bees: The Stories Farm Diaries Tell, will be presented by Catharine Wilson, with stories from her recent book, “Being Neighbours,” about barn raisings and quilting bees in Ontario, 1830-1960.
Employing farm diaries, she takes the audience into families’ daily lives, the intricacies of the labour exchange, their workways, feasts, and hospitality to uncover the subtle social politics of mutual dependency, the expectations neighbours had of each other, their relationships, and ways of managing conflict and crisis. 
Dr. Wilson is a History Professor, University of Guelph, and Director of the Rural Diary Archive website.

This meeting will be a virtual Zoom meeting on Monday, April 10, 2023 at 7pm.

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