12 Hours That Saved A Country – The 1812 Battle of Queenston Heights

Hello Everyone,

This guest post is provided by the St. Marys Station Gallery.

The St. Marys Station Gallery latest exhibit:

12 Hours That Saved A Country – The 1812 Battle of Queenston Heights

will be on display from Friday, November 25th to Saturday, December 31st, 2022

Opening Reception will take place on Saturday, November 26th at 1pm.

This excerpt from the Gallery’s Curator, Cameron Porteous, appeared in the St. Marys Independent on Wednesday, November 28th, 2022:

“This exhibition at the St. Marys Station Gallery is a collection of 14 renderings that document, in the timeline, the invasion of Canada on October 13, 1812. The renderings and stories attempt to question the myths and official documents that exist describing this event.
For the 2012 bi-centennial of the War of 1812, I set out to create renderings honouring the “Battle of Queenston Heights”. For over 30 years I lived on what was the battlefield in the village of Queenston and had studied the documents and diaries written by the soldiers who fought and witnessed the battle. It became quite clear to me that much of the history we read and is portrayed has been romanticized. These documents uncovered mutiny, sabotage, failed organization and questionable leadership on both sides. In other words, the army that makes the least amount of stupid decisions will most likely win the battle. Because most of the battle took place at night and in foul weather, it was important to walk the battlefield in the “timeline” with an attempt to see what it must have been like. So on October 13 at 4 a.m. I set out to document each important hour of the battle.”

St. Mary’s Station Gallery is located at 5 James St. N(VIA train station), St. Marys ON N4X 1B1

For further information about this event contact St. Marys Station Gallery at 416-523-8899, email stmarysstationgallery@gmail.com