Zorra Heritage Committee Meeting – Wednesday, March 6 at 7pm!

Hello Everyone,

Please see this guest post from the Zorra Heritage Committee:

The Zorra Heritage Committee (ZHC) is exploring the stories behind those “Historically…”signs you see to mark the forgotten places throughout Zorra.

We are gathering this information to:
1. Prepare an exhibit for Oxford Local History Day (Saturday, April 20, 2024 at the Ingersoll Library)
2. Develop a website explaining the signs and encouraging people to see them all and consider Zorra’s interesting history
3. Enrich our own knowledge of Zorra’s history

Here is the history behind Holiday:
‘The Crossroads, now known as Holiday, at the town line between East Nissouri at the former West Zorra TownshipRoad 78, has historically been known by many names. According to W.J Winterberg, the hamlet was known as Nissouri since 1853. In 1880, Holiday was known as McBrayne’s Corners. The hamlet boasted a school, blacksmithshop, and a general store. The population was 25 individuals, and mail was delivered daily. Mr. McBrayne owned a hotel, and general store on the south west corner of the farm at Lot 11 Con 1 West Zorra. The hotel was also home to a local post office. Before the CPR was established through Thamesford, mail was delivered via stage from Ingersoll. According to post office records, the town name was officially changed from Nissouri to Holiday in October 1894. By 1902, the population of Holiday had risen to nearly 50 people. There was a spring that carried throughout all of the citizens farms and eventually branched into the Thames River. This spring proved greatly important during the depression, as it allowed families to easily access water, as well as give the children a place to play. The community in Holiday, was very close, and held many events together.’

Click on this link to read about other Zorra Historic Rural Communities!

There are many Historical Communities to research, contact ZHC for the complete list of communities.

The next meeting of the ZHC will be on Wednesday, March 6th at 7pm at the Beachville District Museum. The meeting is free and open to the public.

If you wish to attend the meeting or participate in the research contact Sam Coghlan:

Sam Coghlan,
Secretary ZHC
(519) 475-4097

If you have an event, pictures and articles concerning the history of Oxford County that you would like published on the Society’s blog please email us at info@oxhs.ca