Street Names of Woodstock

Ever wonder where some of Woodstock street names came from?

Mrs. E. J. Canfield did too! So she did some research and in 1932 presented a paper to the Oxford Historical Society at the AGM. Her paper was subsequently published in its original text by the Society and in the Sentinel Review on Friday, May 20, 1932.

In 1970, Mrs. W. R. Ward added to Mrs. Canfield’s research. Her supplement was added to the original document and was published by the Oxford Historical Society.

Then, between 2017 and 2021, Kathie Richards and Elaine Becker, both of the Oxford Historical Society, updated the research to include the majority of Woodstock’s street names.

The Oxford Historical Society has made both of these documents, the 1970 version and the 2021 available for download. They are also located on our Resource Page.

Mrs. Canfield’s Street Names of Woodstock 1932 & OxHS Street Names of Woodstock 2021.