Ontario Ancestors Present – Virtual Meeting February 12, 2024 at 7pm!

Photo courtesy of the Toronto Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society

Hello Everyone,

Please see this guest post from the Oxford Branch of Ontario Ancestors:

Please join us at our next virtual meeting on Monday, February 12 at 7:00 pm, Hilary J. Dawson presenting:

Hunting for Hidden History: How Slavery Came to the Town of York

“How do you find out about people who had no rights, rarely appear in the public record and for the most part were illiterate? Where do you look for information about the disadvantaged who did not receive direct payment for their work, and who had little control over their own lives? How can we uncover the stories of indentured servants and enslaved Africans?

Hilary Dawson will explain where she found personal papers and other manuscripts, and show how she used them to piece together the stories of the Pompadour family, Henry Prince and others who were regarded as “property” by York slaveholders like Peter Russell and William Jarvis.”

Hilary Dawson is a professional genealogist, historical researcher and educator who has worked in museums in the UK and Canada.

Please visit our website at https://oxford.ogs.on.ca and click on the link “Register Here” for the zoom meeting.  The meeting is free and we welcome everyone.

Liz Buchanan
Oxford Branch Publicity Coordinator
Ontario Ancestors

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