Ontario Historical Society Podcast Series – In Hindsight: Half a Century of Research Discoveries in Canadian History!

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Announcing a New OHS Podcast:
Dr. Donald B. Smith’s
“In Hindsight: Half a Century of Research Discoveries in Canadian History”
A new year brings a much anticipated new venture, and a landmark for The Ontario Historical Society (OHS). The OHS is excited to announce the launch of our partnership with one of Canada’s most renowned historians, Dr. Donald B. Smith, to bring you our first in-house produced 20-episode podcast series, In Hindsight: Half a Century of Research Discoveries in Canadian History
A long-time OHS member, Dr. Donald B. Smith is a Professor Emeritus of History at the University of Calgary who has focused his career on the history of Indigenous Canada, Quebec, and the history of Calgary and Southern Alberta. Dr. Smith’s first academic article, “Grey Owl,” was published in the OHS’s Ontario History journal in 1971. In Hindsight is a weekly series (following the model of old-fashioned radio) through June 2023 on different personalities in 19th and 20th century Canadian history. Please enjoy the introduction (4 mins), presented by Chief Dave Mowat of Alderville First Nation, Second Vice President of the OHS. The tone will be relaxed, with an abundance of anecdotes. Canadians of the past were prisoners of their cultural values just as their latter-day judges are of today’s beliefs. In each episode Dr. Smith will try to understand, and to help the listener understand, the individual in the context of their own times.

In addition to the informal talks, substantial written summaries of each episode will be provided, exclusively on the OHS website, including a short bibliography and/or the “back story” as to how the “discovery” was made, a terrific resource for students and those interested in learning more.
In Hindsight recordings and episode summaries may be found on the OHS website at: https://ontariohistoricalsociety.ca/podcasts/in-hindsight/
You may subscribe to the podcast at: Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotifyStitcheriHeartRadio, etc. Closed captioned videos of each episode are available on:YouTube
Please help us by sharing these links with family, friends, colleagues, and anyone interested in learning about these important stories in Canadian history, from a master storyteller.
Email: inhindsight@ontariohistoricalsociety.ca

Ontario Historical Society Podcast Series!

Guest post information provided by the Ontario Historical Society.

The Ontario Historical Society has created a new podcast series, The Crown in Canada,hosted by Nathan Tidridge and produced by Leaking Ambience Studios. The series examines issues surrounding the Crown’s role in both Treaties and in our democratic institutions. The two-episode pilot was produced with assistance from the Government of Canada, Canadian Heritage Community Projects Program on behalf of the 2022 Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

The OHS, founded in 1888, is a not-for-profit corporation and registered charity. The OHS is a non-government group bringing together people of all ages, all walks of life, and all cultural backgrounds interested in preserving and promoting some aspect of Ontario’s history. The OHS has a long association with the vice-regal family in Ontario, being granted patronage since 1888 by all 29 Lieutenant Governors, and is the longest continuous recipient of patronage from the office of the Lieutenant Governor.

The first episode of The Crown in Canada was launched on December 25, 2022 following His Majesty King Charles III’s inaugural Christmas message, and the second episode dropped a week later on New Year’s Eve. These two pilot episodes, called “Rooted in Treaty”, examine the Crown-Indigenous relationship that has existed across Turtle Island/North America, including what is now called Canada, for over 500 years. The podcast promises to take look at the role of the Crown in Canada in a thoughtful way, and examine what can be learned about this country—both its tensions and its promises.