Upcoming Presentation Wednesday, October 26, 2022: Doris Weir – Cold Springs Farm in Thamesford!

Mr. Harvey Beaty (photo provided by Doris Weir)

Hello Everyone,

Please join us on Wednesday, October 26 at 6:30pm to hear Doris Weir’s presentation on the Cold Spring’s Farm in Thamesford. The presentation will be held at the Woodstock Museum, NHS.

From Doris Weir:

“Mr. Harvey Beaty was a huge employer and contributor to the town of Thamesford and surrounding areas.  He started Cold Springs Farm in 1949 and up to his death in 1994 he created a business with over 100 farms, processing plants and was starting to build a mini town in Florida. 

When I received his memoirs I wanted to ensure everyone knew who he was and what he had done for Thamesford, Oxford County and many other areas in Ontario, Michigan and Florida so I digitized the memoirs and created a book for everyone to read and enjoy.

I will be talking about Mr. Beaty’s memoirs book, his upbringing, how he crippled himself (his word) and how he started in to the poultry and feedmill business and more.”