National Tartan Day April 1, 2023!

Hello Everyone,

Please see this guest post from the Zorra Caledonian Society!

The Zorra Caledonian Society would like you to join us for a “Pub Night” with live music & a wee bit of Scottish fun on Saturday, April 1st, 2023, as we celebrate National Tartan Day!

A few fun facts:

  • National Tartan Day originated in Canada in the 1980’s, when just over 15% of the population was of Scottish descent
  • The date of April 6th was chosen as it was the day on which Scotland in 1320 became an independent country at the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath
  • Every province and territory of Canada with the exception of Nunavut has its very own tartan & that Canada also has a national tartan
  • 9,500 jobs in Scotland are provided by Canadian Companies
  • Canada is a top 10 export partner for Scotland
  • 5 million Canadians claim Scottish heritage

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