Leslie MacKay Commemorative Stamp!

Hello Everyone,

George Leslie MacKayHere’s some information that will be of interest to some of our members.

The Canadian MacKay Committee is petitioning Canada Post to dedicate a stamp in 2022, commemorating the 150th anniversary of George Leslie MacKay arriving in Taiwan (then Formosa). Leslie MacKay was born in Embro, Ontario in 1844 and was one of Oxford County’s most influential citizens. There is a statue of him, pictured on the right, which can be seen on the lawn of Oxford County’s courthouse here in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada.

The Canadian MacKay Committee has provided the header picture of the MacKay family. Text from their site is below in italics. Afterwards is a link to their site.

“On March 9, 1872 Canada first set foot in Asia, in the person of Rev. George Leslie Mackay (1844-1901), a man who founded the first Canadian overseas mission and is now a national hero in Taiwan.

“Mackay of Formosa” was the most famous missionary of his generation, noted for his unusual yet successful methods. He established the first hospital, first modern school, first school for women, and first museum in Taiwan. He is remembered there in school textbooks, on a 2001 stamp, in statues, a museum, commemorative days, and Mackay Memorial Hospital.

It is a surprise to people from Taiwan to learn that Mackay is unknown in Canada today. Commemorating him on a stamp for the 150th anniversary of Canada’s engagement in Asia would be a small step to reviving this forgotten history.”

If you wish to read more about this petition, click on this link, Commemorate George Leslie MacKay on a Canadian stamp!, and then follow the prompts.


Welcome to the OxHS Blog!

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the very first blog post for the Oxford Historical Society! We will be using this space to let you know about upcoming events, projects we have going on, volunteer opportunities and many other exciting things to come. Our blogs posts are replacing the email blasts that you previously received.

Our website has also been updated. We now have a page dedicated to OxHS Happenings. This is the page where our blogs will appear. The volunteer page will also be updated as new volunteer opportunities come along, so keep checking it to see if there are projects or events you can assist us with. Our current event pages lists all our upcoming events and there is a drop down menu, Annual Events Summary, which tells you where the Society has been the last few years.

The Society wishes to thank everyone who was able to attend our AGM on Wednesday, January 29, 2020. Peter Harrison read out the nominations for the 2020 Board and Scott Gillies gave a wonderful presentation on the History of Cheese Making in Oxford County.

The 2020 Executive Board members are:

  • President – Kathie Richards
  • Vice President – Vacant
  • Treasurer/Research – Dr. Elaine Becker
  • Secretary/Communications – Laura Centore
  • Membership – Judy Klages
  • Archives – Eleanor Gardhouse
  • Members at Large – Jim Groulx & Don Wilson
From left to right: Front row: Kathie Richards, Laura Centore
Middle row: Jim Groulx, Elaine Becker, Karen Houston, Judy Klages
Back row: Don Wilson
Absent: Eleanor Gardhouse

Stay tuned for more exciting events in 2020!