Historic Walking Tours

Currently the Society is not offering guided walking tours; but the Woodstock Museum, NHS and Oxford County Tourism, both offer self-guided walking tours. Please contact those organizations for tour details, thank you.

Historic Walking Tours are a wonderful way to explore some of Woodstock’s older neighbourhoods and its downtown. Many of Woodstock’s public heritage buildings are still in use today. The Oxford Historical Society offers a selection of guided walking tours that pass some of Woodstock’s Impressive Homes, Historic Public Buildings, or can include a combination of both. The OxHS offers tours for groups of all sizes, including individuals or for tour groups. We also offer tours for school children and seniors.

While on the tour learn the history of Woodstock’s oldest jail and hear about some of its more famous trials, like Reginald Birchall,  see the Armouries building (pictured below), and understand its significance for Woodstock. Or, maybe see the home of the Poole family, a local businessman who opened his own grocery store in 1895.

Photo Courtesy of Heritage Woodstock, taken by Eleanor Gardhouse.
Photo Courtesy of Heritage Woodstock, taken by Eleanor Gardhouse.

The cost of the tour is $5.00 per adult, negotiable for large groups. To schedule a tour please contact the OxHS at info@oxhs.ca