The OxHS is always looking for volunteers to help staff the OxHS offices, assist with special projects, be a guide for the walking tours, help with the quarterly newsletter and assist at other special events. To volunteer please contact the OxHS at info@oxhs.ca

Currently, the OxHS is looking for volunteers to help with the quarterly newsletter and with these future book projects:

1. Book of Past History Quiz Questions.

This would entail compiling into a book the questions, answers, maybe photographs, about local history that were used by the OxHS Quiz Committee and published in the Saturday Oxford Review during 1999-2003. This will be a collaborative project between the OxHS and the Woodstock Museum. It is hoped to have this project completed in time for Canada’s 150 anniversary in 2017.

2. The Medical Recipes of the late Doctor Taylor of Innerkip

Originally published in the late 1800’s and retyped and edited near 2000 by John R. Smith.

3. Official List of the Canadian Contingents in South Africa

4. Mrs. Canfield’s Street Names of Woodstock.

Many of the street names were typed in and the final list will include the 1970’s update by Mrs. W.R. Ward and it will include all new streets.

5. The Vice President Board Member position is vacant. If yourself or someone you know would like to serve on the Oxford Historical Society Board in this capacity please contact the Society at info@oxhs.ca. This is a great opportunity for someone who would like to learn more about the history of Woodstock and Oxford County and to gain valuable experience as a board member.